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1. La Alhambra Palace, Granada


There’s something magical about La Alhambra Palace that makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the southern part of Spain, in the province of Granada, the 900-year-old fortress complex once housed the Muslim kings.

La Alhambra is a citadel known for its reddish walls and intricate architecture. Because of its rich history and beautiful remains, the palace was considered a tourist spot in Granada. There are guided tours for travelers who want to explore the breathtaking sights and interiors of the La Alhambra Palace.

Fun fact: This site was one of the film locations for a Korean television show, Memories of the Alhambra (2018).


2. The Roman Bridge, Cordoba


Never leave Cordoba without visiting The Roman Bridge. It is the longest Roman bridge in the world, around 790 meters long, and the old city’s entryway. The bridge sat over the Guadiana River and was built by skilled workmen in 140 BC.

Besides its age, The Roman Bridge is one of the places of interest in Spain because it is among the longest-standing pointed arch bridges in the world. Made of stone, the bridge survived several centuries, considered as the greatest wonder of the Spaniard’s history. The Roman Bridge provides a fantastic photo backdrop, so don’t miss it.


3. Rodas Beach, Vigo


Free up a day or two in the itinerary to visit Vigo, a city on the northwest coast famous for Rodas Beach. National Geographic named this beach as one of the best in the world because of the crescent soft, pale sand and the deep green ocean waters.

The stunning beach is one of the most underrated places to visit in Spain. Still, it is seriously among the most pristine beaches that ever existed. Rodas Beach is part of the Cies Islands, which the government of Galicia protects. Besides the amazing nature sightseeing, travelers can also try Galician food to cap off the trip to northern Spain.


4. Museo del Pueblo Gallego, Santiago de Compostela


Tour 13th-century Spain at Museo del Pueblo Gallego to witness remnants of Galician history. The museum houses several galleries showcasing the Galician people’s architecture, music, trades, costumes, and art.

Built in 1976, the museum aims to preserve the culture and history of the ancient city of Santiago de Compostela, which is a world heritage center. The city became famous as a pilgrimage site and a symbol of the Spanish Christians’ struggle under Islam.Exploring the museum would take up to two hours of guided tours. Make sure to snap a photo of the spiral staircase that leads to the roof deck.


5. Casco Historico, Toledo


One of the best places to go in Spain is Toledo, which a 30-minute train ride from the capital city, Madrid, can reach. Due to the number of historical monuments found here, UNESCO recognized Toledo as a World Heritage Site.

One protected area in this city is Casco Historico, a vibrant neighborhood comprising narrow lanes, alleyways, and Jewish streets. Visiting this place is like walking into the Middle Ages, when Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived harmoniously.

Take the time to admire the architectural details, beautiful stone, and brickwork of houses in this neighborhood. There is also a so-called Jewish neighborhood that was once the home of Jewish ghettos. Be sure to visit artisan shops tucked in little alleyways to find rare treats and souvenirs.


6. El Alcázar de Segovia, Segovia


Segovia is famous for its Gothic architecture, home to mystical monasteries and fairy-tale-like castles. One underrated landmark is the Disney-inspired medieval castle called Alcázar de Segovia.

Segovia is an hour away from Madrid, which makes it a popular day-trip destination. Because it is small, tourists can explore the city daily, roaming in churches and chapels. While here, try cochinillo or the suckling pig, a famous dish in Segovia.


7. La Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Zaragoza


Zaragoza is not a touristy city but is undoubtedly one of Spain’s best places to see. It lies in the Ebro River, drawing a nice view during sunset. It is the fifth-largest city in the country, boasting old, magnificent buildings and narrow alleyways.

The La Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar is a renowned attraction and pilgrim spot for Christians. Climbing the tower to kiss the Pilar is part of the pilgrimage activities and is usually done by many visitors worldwide.

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