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Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean and is a wonderful combination of its Mediterranean and Middle Eastern neighbours, of course with its own unique culture. We spent a week exploring the island and spent most of our days beach hopping. Cyprus has a very large number of blue flag awarded beaches and the beaches in Cyprus regularly rank alongside other top European beaches. We visited countless beaches on our visit to Cyprus and these are, in our opinion, the five best beaches in Cyprus.

Fig Tree Bay Protaras Cyprus

The Blue Lagoon

The water in the Blue Lagoon was some of the most magical we’ve seen in all our travels. Every possible shade of blue is present in the enticing waters of the lagoon. The Blue Lagoon and Akamas Peninsula were our favorite places on the island and well deserve their spot among the best beaches in Cyprus.

We started our day in the Akamas Peninsula early and drove to the Blue Lagoon in our 4×4 from Latchi. I was so glad that we started early as we spent a few hours in the lagoon, sharing it with only a few small boats, and by the time we were heading off, a lot of the larger boats had pulled up and there was a lot of people there. Like anywhere, it is popular because it is so beautiful.

The Akamas Peninsula has been protected from commercial development and so the Blue Lagoon and surrounds are pristine and it is so wonderful to be able to explore them in their natural state.

The underwater world of the Blue Lagoon is just as enthralling as the views from above the water. Pack your snorkel and get exploring.

Blue Lagoon Akamas

Makronissos Beach

Next on the list of the best beaches in Cyprus is beautiful Makronissos Beach. Other than Petra tou Romiou, this was the first beach we visited outside of the Akamas Peninsula.

Makronissos Beach is located in Ayia Napa and is a quieter beach than nearby Nissi Beach. It’s a wide beach with plenty of room for sunbakers, swimmers, and water sports.

Makronissos Beach is located on a former reef and so there are amazing rock formations around the beach, but still endless amounts of soft, white sand. The water was crystal clear and perfect for swimming.

Makronissos Beach Cyprus

Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach has been described as the most beautiful beach in Cyprus and also the best beach in Europe.

Nissi Beach is a clear, shallow cove with white sand and magical blue water. On low tide, it is possible to walk across a sand path to the small island of Nissi which is covered in small shrubs and plants.

We arrived at Nissi Beach around lunchtime and the beach was so crowded, that it was still ridiculously beautiful. We didn’t take any photos, just enjoyed the water. If you want to enjoy this beach without the crowds, you’ll need to visit in the off-season or early in the morning.

Nissi Beach Cyprus

Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay is located in Protaras. We had lunch in a cafe on the beach in Fig Tree Bay, which was only a 5 minute drive from our hotel, Grecian Park.

Fig Tree Bay was quieter than the Ayia Napa beaches and was without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus. It takes its name from the fig trees which line its coast.

The shallow, calm waters make it the perfect family beach. We loved it because it was a lot quieter than the rest of the beaches in the region and just so beautiful.

Fig Tree Bay Cyprus

Konnos Bay

Konnos Bay is located halfway between Protaras and Ayia Napa. Luckily for us, this popular, beautiful beach was accessible by a track from our hotel, Grecian Park.

Konnos Bay is a small cove with calm waters thanks to its sheltered location. We loved that it was surrounded by greenery all over the cliffs.

The water in Konnos Bay was magical and we were so lucky that it was within walking distance of our hotel!

Konnos Bay

Whilst we are spoilt with our beaches in Australia, I was really impressed by the beaches in Cyrus. We visited dozens of beaches during our week in Cyprus, however, these were by far our favorites.

Accommodation in Cyprus

Cyprus has a HUGE range of accommodation options, ranging from five-star hotels to picturesque campsites! Camping is a great way to have a relaxing (and affordable holiday) and whilst it will need a little more preparation than some types of holidays, you’ll be left with memories to last a lifetime!

Firstly, don’t forget your tent! There’s every type of tent under the sun out there from rooftop tents to ground tents and everything in between. You’ll also need to pack all your gear and of course, not forget the safety aspects of the trip! We’ll be sharing a post shortly of all the lovely places we stayed in Cyprus.

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