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Now on on to the best places to eat in this Zanzibar travel guide. Get your tastebuds ready, these places will have you satisfied and feeling complete!

Experience a taste of Zanzibar at Forodhani

Forodhani readily qualifies for this list because it is a gastronomic paradise, as I have already indicated. Traditional regional fare is available at Forodhani, although it also caters to everyone’s tastes.

The cuisine is very spectacular, so get your taste buds ready. Seafood, meat, shawarma, pizza made in the style of Zanzibar, urojo (a traditional dish made of a yellow soup with potatoes and other delicacies), ice cream stands, and much more are available. Try their sugar cane juices before leaving Zanzibar; they are quite refreshing!

Despite being a popular tourist destination, the prices of the cuisine are generally greater than they would be elsewhere. However, it’s still priceless because of the setting and atmosphere!

Eat like a local at Luqman Restaurant

You know when they say if the locals flock to the restaurant then it must be a good spot to eat. Well, Luqman restaurant is a fine example of that! The restaurant offers seriously and I mean SERIOUSLY delicious food and is pleasantly cheap. They specialise mostly in Swahili food but there’s something to suit everyone’s palate so DO NOT write it off!  Be aware it can get a little busy here so if you have to wait to get in, then wait, it’s worth it!

Dine on the ocean at The Rock Restaurant

One of Zanzibar’s most distinctive eateries, The Rock Restaurant provides a dining experience in the Indian Ocean.

It is situated at Michamvi, Pingwe in the southeast of Zanzibar and offers delicious seafood dishes, stunning views of the ocean, and excellent service. Even though it is a bit pricy, if you’re looking for a true treat, it’s worth the extra money!

It’s recommended to make a reservation in advance because the restaurant is popular and you don’t want to risk being turned away at the door.

Also, be aware that you must travel to the restaurant by boat from the shore during high tide and must do so on foot during low tide.

Enjoy some coffee and treats at Zanzibar Coffee House

This charming café located in Stone Town offers some great coffee options (which they roast themselves). Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, there are other options as well as Zanzibari and international delicacies. Personally, I went here mostly for breakfast and lunch.

The café has a very peaceful and serene feel to it as it’s a little tucked away and has an olden-styled Arabic influence décor. I HIGHLY recommend eating on the top floor to appreciate those famous Stone Town rooftop views (if you can find a table!).

Emerson Spice Tea House

Set on top of the Emerson Hotel on Hurumzi in Stone Town, this African/Arabian-inspired rooftop offers a magical dining experience. The restaurant offers some of the best views overlooking Stone Town. It is the perfect place to unwind, eat, laugh, and watch the sunset.

The Secret Garden

You can also dine at the Secret Garden at Emmerson Spice which also offers an exceptional experience! Surrounded by lush plants and an ambiance atmosphere, this courtyard restaurant has an almost mystical and enchanted feel to it to go with its great food!

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