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The thing about Africa is how the people appreciate nature and wildlife so much. The respect for nature is incredible, but what makes Kenya one of Africa’s top travel destinations is the growth and development of their economy over the past few years. Yes, this is still an insider’s guide to touring Kenya, but its economy is worthy of note. 


Did you know that the agricultural sector contributes 33% to the income of Kenya? In the last ten years, its economy has been growing steadily, hence more tourists are not just coming to sight-see but they are fully settling down. Okay, back to what you really want – the insider guide. 


The stability of its economy and sheer pride when it comes to nature and wildlife, has made Kenya a sight for sore eyes in recent years. Travel Inn has curated a list of places that will make your tutoring and maybe eventual settlement more pleasurable. 


Cultural Tips for Kenyan Travel

Kenya is home to a vast mix of tribes and cultures and many people you meet will enjoy telling you about their food and homeland. As you explore the country and have your own stories of the places you’ve visited, even more doors will open.

Nairobi has a bad reputation but a lot to offer. Having a good attitude but keeping your plan in mind and your wits about you can help keep you safe. Know (at least partly) where you’re going and how much you are willing to pay to get there.

Don’t talk on a cell phone with the window open while you’re stuck in traffic. A little common sense will go a long way and help make the city a fun part of your trip.

Cheap travel tips for Kenya

Book once you arrive in Kenya

If you have enough time, consider booking your safari once you arrive in Kenya. You will have more safari choices and better prices, plus you avoid being stuck in a bus with country mates straight from the airport to the safari park. It’s one way to start exploring and meeting Kenyans right away.

Camping safari

Take a risk: camp in a national park without a fence between you and the wildlife. It’ll be a great story afterward, even if you lose a little sleep. Several parks offer simple bandas (huts) or camping spaces that are much cheaper than safari lodges.

Sukuma wiki

Literally meaning “push the week”, kale and collards are a staple in Kenyan cooking and can help balance all of the nyama choma you’ve been eating, they’re a great deal.

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