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Best Places To Lounge in Cape Town as a Tourist


Imagine stepping into the vibrant culinary scene of Cape Town, where every meal is an adventure. Your first stop should be The Test Kitchen in Woodstock, a world-renowned restaurant with unique meals that will delight your taste senses. The ambiance is exciting, with an open kitchen where you can watch the culinary magic happen. The chef’s tasting menu is an adventure through flavours, textures, and innovation, making it a must-see for any foodie.


Next, visit Kloof Street House, a Victorian jewel in the heart of the city. As you enter through the lush garden and into the colourful dining rooms, you’ll feel transported to another time. The cuisine features a fusion of international and local flavours, including crispy calamari and Karoo lamb shoulder. Pair your meal with a South African wine and relax in the cosy,bohemian vibe.


For a more relaxed atmosphere, The Pot Luck Club above the Old Biscuit Mill is ideal. The panoramic views of the city and mountains are stunning. Sharing tiny plates with friends, if any, you savour every bite of the tapas-style selections, which range from smoked beef fillet to fish tacos. The dynamic environment, along with superb food, creates an amazing dining experience.



Don’t miss La Colombe in Constantia, which is set amidst lovely vineyards. The tranquil surroundings create the ideal setting for an elegant and pleasant fine dining experience. Each meal is a work of art, with perfectly balanced flavours and Instagrammable displays.


Baia Seafood Restaurant at the V&A Waterfront is a seafood lover’s dream. The highlight here is the fresh seafood plate, which includes prawns, crayfish, and calamari. The bustling waterfront enhances the exciting eating experience.



Mzansi Restaurant in Langa Township offers authentic African cuisine. Dine on hearty foods like chakalaka and pap while listening to live local music. This restaurant not only serves delicious food, but also provides cultural immersion.


Cape Town’s eating scene is a treasure trove of experiences, each more pleasant than the previous, with something for everyone’s taste and flair. Whether you are a connoisseur or a casual diner, Cape Town offers a culinary trip unlike any other. Cheers.

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