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Sip, Savor, and Soar: Affordable Rooftop Lounges in Lagos for a Friday Night Out



Lagos, Nigeria’s vibrant and bustling city, transforms into a playground of lights and music as the weekend approaches. For those looking to unwind after a long week without breaking the bank, the city offers a plethora of rooftop lounges that combine stunning views with an energetic nightlife. Here are some of the best affordable rooftop lounges in Lagos, both on the island and the mainland, where you can sip, savor, and soar above the city lights.


Rooftop Vibes at The House Lagos

The House Lagos, located on Victoria Island, is a hidden gem that provides a relaxed yet stylish ambiance. With panoramic views of the city, this rooftop lounge offers a respite from the noise and bustle below. Enjoy inexpensive beverages and a broad cuisine that includes both local and international dishes. The House Lagos is ideal for people looking to relax and enjoy live DJ sets without spending a fortune.




Elevated Evenings at Sailors Lounge

Sailors Lounge, located in Lekki, offers a nautical-themed rooftop experience. This venue, which overlooks the beautiful waters of the Lagos Lagoon, is great for people looking for a peaceful yet lively Friday night out. Sailors Lounge is noted for its affordable beer deals and delectable seafood dishes. Its cosy environment and waterfront views make it an excellent alternative for an economical and memorable night out.


Chilled Vibes at W Bar

W Bar, located in the centre of Ikoyi, mixes class with affordability. This rooftop lounge is popular among residents due to its attractive surroundings and affordable costs. W Bar serves a diverse choice of beverages and an interesting cuisine to suit all preferences. The laid-back atmosphere, along with stunning views of the city skyline, make it an ideal location to unwind and socialise as the sun sets.


Unwind at Sky Restaurant & Lounge
Sky Restaurant & Lounge, located atop the Eko Hotel, offers a premium experience without the high price tag. With stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Lagos’ metropolis, this rooftop lounge is ideal for anyone wishing to add a touch of elegance to their Friday night. While admiring the breathtaking scenery, enjoy moderately priced drinks and a variety food. Sky is a must-see destination due to its fantastic music, stunning vistas, and reasonable rates.


Atmosphere at Atmosphere Rooftop

Atmosphere Rooftop, located in Oniru, is a hidden gem with a thriving nightlife scene. This lounge is noted for its lively ambiance, which includes live music and energetic DJ sets. Its affordable drinks and large menu make it a popular choice for those wishing to have a good time without spending too much money. With its trendy decor and spectacular views, Atmosphere Rooftop is the ideal place to begin your weekend.




Experience La Vida at La Vida Bella
La Vida Bella in Lekki is a sleek and modern rooftop lounge that guarantees a memorable Friday night. La Vida Bella, known for its lively atmosphere and welcoming audience, serves a variety of inexpensive beverages and delectable culinary options. The magnificent vistas and energetic music make it a popular destination for people eager to dance the night away while taking in the beauty of Lagos from above.


The Nest Lounge, Alagomeji Yaba

The Nest Lounge at Alagomeji Yaba takes the rooftop experience to the mainland with design and flair. The Nest Lounge is known for its relaxed yet energetic ambiance and serves a choice of inexpensive drinks and great food. The magnificent views of the mainland, combined with the lively population and Karaoke, make it an ideal location for anyone looking for a fun and inexpensive Friday night out without crossing the bridge.


Rooftop Serenity at La Mango, GRA Ikeja

La Mango in GRA Ikeja is the ideal mainland destination for those seeking an upscale dining and drinking experience. The rooftop provides a peaceful environment with reasonable costs for both food and beverages. La Mango’s cosy ambiance and delectable food make it an excellent respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, providing a relaxing yet stylish setting to start your weekend.




Relax at De Chill’s Hind, Surulere

A distinctive fusion of leisure and entertainment is introduced to the mainland at De Chill’s Hind in Surulere. This rooftop lounge is available to the public and features a menu of both continental and local cuisine, along with an assortment of reasonably priced drinks. It’s the perfect place for a fun yet relaxed Friday night out because of the live music and lively environment.


These reasonably priced rooftop lounges provide the ideal setting for taking in the allure of Lagos at night, when the city truly comes alive. You can enjoy an amazing Friday night without going over budget at these places, which provide breathtaking vistas, fantastic music, and reasonably priced admission, whether you’re searching for a low-key evening or a wild night out.

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