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The Maldives Foodie Guide: Dive Into These Must-Try Delicacies



The Maldives, well-known for its breathtaking overwater bungalows and glistening waters, also provide a gastronomic adventure that is every bit as captivating as its natural surroundings. The cuisine of the Maldives is a combination of flavours influenced by Arabic, Sri Lankan, and Indian civilizations, and it ranges from fresh seafood to unusual indigenous delicacies. This is your comprehensive guide to the best foods to eat in the Maldives and where to get these delicious treats.




Mas Huni: A Customary Morning Pleasure

Mas Huni is a staple for breakfast in the Maldives. Start your day like a true local. This is a straightforward yet delicious dish made with finely diced tuna, grated coconut, onions, and chilli. Usually, it comes with a side of hot tea and roshi, a sort of flatbread.

Where to Try:
Iberry Café, Hulhumalé: This popular spot is known for its authentic Maldivian breakfast.
The Sea House, Malé: Enjoy a delicious Mas Huni with a stunning view of the ocean.



Garudhiya – The Heartwarming Fish Soup

The ingredients of garudhiya, a spicy fish soup, are tuna, water, and a mixture of spices. This meal is filling and soothing when served with rice, lime, chilli, and onions. For those looking for a true Maldivian dining experience, it’s a must-try.

Where to Try:
Seagull Café House, Malé: This quaint café serves delicious garudhiya.
Local Islands: Try Garudhiya on any of the nearby islands for the most genuine experience, as the dish has been refined over many generations.




Fihunu Mas – Spiced and Grilled Fish

Fihunu Mas is marinated fish, typically tuna, that is perfectly grilled after being seasoned with a mixture of Maldivian chilli paste. This meal honours the Maldivians’ passion for flavorful, fresh fish.

Where to Try:
Local Beach BBQs: You may eat freshly grilled fish on the beach during BBQ nights, which are held on a number of the nearby islands.
Muraka Restaurant, Mirihi Island: This fine dining restaurant offers a gourmet take on traditional Fihunu Mas.



Bis Keemiya – Maldivian Samosa

Bis Keemiya is a delightful pastry filled with a mixture of tuna, hard-boiled eggs, and sautéed onions. These crispy, savory snacks are perfect for a quick bite or an appetizer.

Where to Try:
Symphony Restaurant, Malé: Known for its blend of local and international cuisine, Symphony serves a mean Bis Keemiya.
The Hive Café, Addu City: A cozy spot where you can enjoy freshly made Bis Keemiya.



Hedhikaa – Maldivian Short Eats

A range of Maldivian delicacies known as “hedhikaa” are typically consumed with tea. These consist of gulha (fried fish balls), kulhi boakiba (fish cakes), and bajiya (pastry filled with fish). These little treats are ideal as a midday snack.




Where to Try:
Royal Garden Café, Malé: A perfect place to sample a variety of hedhikaa with a cup of local tea.
Local Tea Shops: Experience the local culture by visiting tea shops on any local island.



Kulhi Mas – Spicy Fish Curry

A blend of Maldivian spices, coconut milk, and tuna are combined to create the fiery curry known as Kulhi Mas. This fragrant and flavorful meal is frequently served with roshi or steamed rice.

Where to Try:
Lonu by Luke Mangan, Velaa Private Island: A luxurious spot offering a refined version of Kulhi Mas.
Samsara, Niyama Private Islands: Enjoy a fusion of traditional and contemporary flavors in their fish curry.



Sai (Tea) and Maldivian Desserts

A trip to the Maldives’ cuisine wouldn’t be complete without sampling their traditional tea and pastries. Local tea, sai, is typically savoured with a side of sweet sweets like huni hakuru folhi (coconut and honey crepes) and bondi (coconut rolls).

Where to Try:
Al Fresco, Hulhumalé: Enjoy traditional tea and desserts in a relaxed beachfront setting.
Café del Mar, Malé: A chic café offering a variety of Maldivian sweets and beverages.


The Maldives is a culinary adventure as well as an aesthetic one. The Maldives’ culinary options are likely to make an impression, whether you’re enjoying a fine dining experience at a luxury resort or sampling regional fare at a café by the beach. Thus, when you visit this idyllic island nation again, don’t forget to indulge in these must-try foods and savour the complex flavours of Maldivian cooking.

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