Emirates will pay for a hotel stay if you have a long layover

For those living in countries where international travel is permitted, Emirates will once again give
passengers a seamless transit experience and will resume its Dubai Connect service on 1 December.

‘We plan our flights so that most itineraries have a good connection time in Dubai. But if the best connection time isn’t available and you have to wait longer before your next flight, you could be entitled to our Dubai Connect service,’ says the carrier’s website.

‘We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with complimentary hotel accommodation, transfers and a visa to enter the UAE. Book Dubai Connect at least 24 hours ahead of your incoming flight to Dubai. Then when you arrive, meet us at the Dubai Connect desk in Arrivals.’

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To qualify for the service, passengers need to be in transit on two Emirates flights, having selected the best available connection for the journey. This means passengers can’t choose a long layover on purpose.

If the layover falls in between 10 and 24 hours, passengers will be able to make use of the service.

This applies to all cabin classes including First Class, Business Class and Economy ticket holders.

Passengers making use of Dubai Connect will need to have the correct entry and regulatory documents required by their destination. These include a valid negative COVID-19 test, among other things.

If you are required to undergo a PCR test on arrival, you are not eligible for ‘Dubai Connect’.

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