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Masai, An East African Culture

Wherever you go on the East African safari circuit of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, the Maasai are a near-constant presence. The number of Maasai in Kenya is estimated to be approximately 800,000, with about the same number living in Tanzania.

You’ll spot the brightly colored reds, blues and purples of their shúka (sheets worn wrapped around the body, with one over each shoulder and a third over the top of them) standing out vividly against the landscape.

You’ll see them standing tall and proud alongside the road in small villages such as the one we visited, modern towns such as Arusha, and walking across the vast open pastures on which they continue to graze their cattle, as they have for more than 500 years now.

While it may be the world-renowned wildlife that draws most travelers to Tanzania, it’s the Maasai people who give the region its distinctive cultural flavor. Meeting the Maasai and getting to know more about their life in the savannah is an integral part of the East African travel experience.

So it’s worth learning more about these semi-nomadic pastoralists before you visit.

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I adore the power of a new year. Who am I kidding? I adore the power of a brand new  week! All that untapped potential, it’s like magic waiting to be unleashed, promises just waiting to be whispered.

And so as we end 2019 and are promised not just a new year but a whole new  decade, can you imagine how that makes my little heart pitter-patter?Because I’ve been around the block enough times to face every new year with just a mild touch of cynicism.

The eternal optimist in me wants to believe that  this time it will be different, that  this time all those dreams and plans and ambitions will come to fruition.

The journey God’s taken me on over the last twelve months, the way He and I are finally (finally!) building this thing together, I have to believe that means something, that this time it will be different.

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you too have seen the slew of inspirational quotes on social media designed to excite you to action with the promise that a new decade will bring new and exciting opportunities? Do you secretly worry to yourself, “but what if it doesn’t?” truth is, there always that tiny voice whispering all the negativities, mostly a cloud over the positive.

There are a few different things I feel to share with you. Some of it will inspire you, leave you believing (like me) that yes, it can be different this time around. But some of it is simply a reminder to be kind to yourself, to ease the pressure a little.
1. Make a plan!
2.Dream big, never stop.
3.Keep moving – (like the famous johnny walker).
4.Beware of “filling in the gaps”
5.Find and claim your purpose.

Find a way to remember that  any day and  every day is the best day to make a start on being the person God made you to be and it starts by putting one foot in front of the other.

With that said, if you are like me who enjoy traveling and impacting communities with my travel stories, you’re keen to ditch the cynicism and actually make this next decade count .