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10 Easy Hacks To Make Your Groceries Last Longer

Throwing away food and moldy groceries shouldn't be as common as it is. There are ways to make your vegetables and fruits last longer...the secret is in the storage.  Here are 10 simple hacks to keep your groceries, fresh and edible for longer. #1 Onions Stored In Pantyhose Will Last As Long As 8 Months. …

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Arik Air Extends Flight Cancellation Due To lagos Curfew

Arik Air has extended the cancellation of flight operations due to the curfew in Lagos State and some other parts of Nigeria. The airline disclosed this in a statement titled ‘Arik Air extends flight cancellation’ and emailed by spokesman, Banji Ola, on Wednesday. It explained that scheduled flights would be cancelled until the 24-hour curfew …

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Hawaii Reopens After 7 Months, Records 8,000 visitors On The First Day

For the first time in nearly seven months, Hawaii is reopening to tourists. About 8,000 people arrived in the state Friday, on the first day of a new program that allows tourists to travel to the Hawaiian Islands without having to complete a mandatory 14-day quarantine, according to the Associated Press. However, travelers must produce a …

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London Heathrow To Start Offering 1 hour Covid-19 Tests

London Heathrow airport will now start offering rapid Covid-19 tests to departing passengers. The Oxford Lamp rapid Covid-19 tests will cost £80 (USD 103.42sy) and can be used for travel to the increasing roster of countries such as Hong Kong and Italy that are conditioning entry on a negative Covid-19 result, according to a statement …

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Seychelles Launches New Tourism Campaign To Support Local Industry

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) has launched a new campaign targeting to boost support for the importance of the tourism industry and its contribution to Seychelles' economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism Yes! is a communications and media campaign which started this weekend with adverts in daily newspapers. Educational spots on broadcast and social media …

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10 Mistakes We Make In the Kitchen According To Pro Chefs

We have one time in our adult lives stood in the kitchen, look down at our dish in disappointment and wondered; what in the world did I just cook?! If we want to be honest, following the recipes doesn't always guarantee the perfect dish. The thing is, we have made one mistake or the other …

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Top 5 Haunted Destination In The United States

Every country has their own Urban Legend that they swear is true. From evil forests, to haunted establishments and possessed artefacts, these stories have turned from myths, to legends, to a phenomenon. Today we will be exploring the top most haunted destinations in the U.S based on popular votes and opinions through The United …

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Nigeria – Fares Of Domestic Flights Increases Amidst Ongoing #EndSars Protest

Following the ongoing protests against police brutality in Nigeria, airfares on domestic routes have increased. The increase in flight prices was reflected by several carriers on weekend flights for one-way trips from Lagos to Abuja. Before the protest, the cost of flights ranged from N27,000 to N38,000 depending on the class of ticket purchased. Reportedly, …

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5 Fantastic Beach Resorts Perfect For A family Vacation – Hawaii edition

The Hawaiian Islands recently reopened to tourism and there are a thousands reasons why this pristine island should be on your next family vacation list: The hundreds of wonderful beaches across its most visited islands (the Big Island, Kauai, Maui, and Oahu), the Polynesian-rooted culture that dates back over 1,500 years and the lush, jungle-covered valleys …

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