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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be rich to travel internationally?

Definitely NOT! In reality, the experience will be even richer as you end up walking more and enjoying more affordable locations, local fare, and real experiences in a more pampered world that you may not have.

What essentials should you take with you when traveling?

There are plenty of places at several airports to charge your batteries. But what happens when you’re sitting at your departure gate in the corner and all the surrounding outlets have been taken away? Often carry a portable power strip along.

How can I plan a trip around the world?

These days, it’s not hard to plan a trip around the world. Thanks to technology and a plethora of experts on worldwide travel your options are truly limitless. First, you will want to start with what’s called an RTW or round the world ticket. RTW tickets allow you to book your global trip with just one ticket instead of trying to book individual tickets to each destination. These tickets work with several different airlines thanks to special partnerships or alliances.

The most popular alliances include OneWorld, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam. Around the world, tickets are typically honored for up to one year from when they kick in which gives you plenty of time to see the world! However, if you are loyal to one airline and have the miles racked up, you may want to go another route—no pun intended.

How do I plan my meals while traveling?

Also, how, where, and what you eat is up to you, but a budget or your plan determines how you sit. The more lax your schedule is, the better chance you’ll have to grab a fairly memorable meal that doesn’t even have to break the bank or damage your wallet.

Can I do a solo international Trip ?

Yes! Traveling alone can be a rewarding experience. Of course, there are certainly more favorable places to visit when you are not with a plus-one or groups. Avoid honeymoon destinations such as resorts and hotels in Hawaii that cater to honeymooners.



What vaccinations should I get before traveling?

Good question! Each country has its own set of rules and health regulations for travelers and because those vary, it’s important to nail down what vaccinations or health regulations are required when visiting.

In addition to travel health concerns and advisories, each country comes with its own risks, so check out the arriving destinations on what you need before booking travel.