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Experiencing the travel destinations you never knew existed in Africa and through this helping tourism thrive which in turn drives employment in the sector.

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An avenue to a better trading environment for investment opportunities between countries, adding to economic growth and fostering peace among nations through tourism and travels. 

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Innovative | Creative | Contemporary | Modern | Approachable


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Top 10 Signature Cocktail around the world

For all adventurous travellers and tourist, this should be an interesting read and of course if you just like a glass or shot just as much I do, then you are on this list. So it’s fun when you get to a bar and your taste buds already telling you what drink or cocktail to …

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Top coffee Lounge’s In Rwanda

Rwandan coffee is excellent and word renowned. For Coffee lovers visiting Rwanda and hoping to get the best of coffee beverage , There are so many coffee shops throughout the city of Kigali to visit! And if you love coffee or coffee beverage as much as I do here are some great ones are: Bourbon: …

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For wine lovers around the world, sampling a region’s top vineyards provides a deeper, more concrete connection to the land itself. Once you’ve gotten a taste for a region’s superior wine, you’ll want to continue exploring the world’s best vineyards, over and over again. Plan your perfect wine trip with TravelInn Magazine to find obscure …

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