Nigerians Are Travelling Overseas Through Neighbouring Countries

Written by: Travel Inn

Desperate Nigerians are now risking it all by travelling to long-haul destinations like Benin Republic and Equatorial Guinea to catch international flights.

Owing to the facts that these countries did not close their borders due to COVID-19, a lot of people are travelling by road to Cotonou in Benin and by boat to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea to catch international flights to Europe and other destinations

Since the Nigerian airspace was closed to international flights on March 23, 2020, a series of evacuation flights have been taking place and normally, fares to one-way flights are very expensive. However,  economy fares for evacuation could be as high as $1,800 for one-way flights out of Nigeria, but that is what a passenger in Benin Republic pays for business class return tickets to Europe; A better bargain.

Despite the rough road from Nigeria to Cotonou, many Nigerians are leaving the country to take advantage of these cheap fares and also some people are travelling to Malabo from Calabar by boat to also catch flight and travel overseas.

Whatmore, Nigerians are not the only ones  embarking on this stressful journey, a few expatriates who either  live or visited Nigeria have also been travelling this route as well. .

Travel expert and organiser of Akwaaba African Travel Market, Ikechi Uko, while reacting to the development said that there is no time it was indicated that Nigerians abroad cannot come home, noting that air fares from neighbouring countries are cheap because the price of one way economy class to or from Nigeria could get a traveller return ticket for business class through Nigeria's neighbours