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One of Africa’s top travel destinations without a shadow of a doubt is Cape Town. Does that sound too certain? Maybe it does, but if you experience some of the beauty that this country has to offer, your claim might even be more certain than mine. Cape Town is known for its natural wonders, and amazing landscapes. But in this article, I will share with you top places to eat, stay and visit. Here we go!


The Test Kitchen


One of the SA (South Africa) best restaurants, okay it seems like I am giving so many absolutes in this article. But The Test kitchen is a must-visit in Cape Town that has a captivating tasting menu. It also showcases innovative flavors and culinary artistry, making it a dream destination for food enthusiasts.


Pot Luck Club

The Pot Luck Club is located at the Old Biscuit Mill. This top restaurant in Cape Town offers delectable dishes and stunning panoramic views. You can enjoy sharing plates with a fusion of flavors, all in a trendy and vibrant setting. The vibe was unmatched, probably the best out of all the restaurants, there it is again, another absolute. Sigh!

V&A Food Market

Step into the lively V&A Food Market, where you can sample a diverse range of delectable treats and local delights, showcasing South Africa’s rich culinary tapestry.

Kloof Street House

Discover the charm of Kloof Street House, nestled in a Victorian-style mansion on bustling Kloof Street. The menu beautifully blends Mediterranean and local cuisine, and the whimsical setting ensures a memorable dining experience.






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