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Harissa & Our Lady Of Lebanon Sanctuary

Harissa is an incredibly special place for Christians. Here, atop the town, Our Lady Of Lebanon Sanctuary embraces the skies. This incredibly statue and shrine of Mary looks down onto the Lebanon countryside and seaside, glowing and giving hope to the people below.

This pilgrimage site is a path for millions of wanderers from both Christian and Muslim faiths from around the world. Seeing it with my own eyes was incredibly touching.

Be sure to visit on a clear day and take the cable car to see the most spectacular views of Lebanon’s countryside and the mountains hugging the sea below. And be sure to walk the steps up to the statue, just like the millions of other visitors have done in the past.

Pigeon Rock For Sunset

Pigeon Rock took my breath away. The roaring ocean crashing into the famous rock formation was so incredible to see as the sun set in the distance, making the sky turn purple and blue and pink. Take a stroll around the area, snap some photos and enjoy a drink at one of the waterfront cafes.

Byblos (Jbeil)

This beautiful, old port by the sea is one not to be missed. I’d recommend visiting a few hours before sunset to give yourself time to explore the old market and Roman ruins nearby. Just be sure not to miss the epic sunsets here! Seeing the day come to an end in such a stunning setting is incredible.

Jeita Grotto

Jeita Grotto is an expansive, interconnected limestone cave sculpted by water and time. Take a small boat into the grotto to see it up close and personal!

Explore The Coastal Towns

Most travelers are completely unaware how coastal Lebanon is! I’d recommend nothing more than to take a day or so to explore the old, storied coastal towns of the country. Each one is unlike the next! Batroun features incredible blue waters, while Enfeh looks similar to the Greek homes you’d find on the islands, and Tyre is a great beach to enjoy on a hot day.

Visit The Lebanon Cedar Trees

The Bible mentions that Lebanon’s cedars (known as the “Cedars Of God”) were carved as an adoration of Christ. Needless to say, taking in the Lebanon cedar trees that line the roads outside of the city is incredible. If you’re lucky, on your drive back to the mountains from the coastal towns, you can sometimes catch the fog laying on the mountain’s curves while the sun dances through them. It’s a magical sight to behold.

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