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To Escape and Sit Quietly on The Beach- That’s an Idea of Paradise… choose the best accommodation and Taste the best Zanzibar Food. No matter you are planning a family vacation a trip with friends or your honeymoon; Zanzibar has to offer the best for each of your needs. The land provides many iconic attractions like- Stone Town, Jozani forest, diverse water sports, and many iconic spots to explore. Among all the charms the spiciest attraction, Zanzibar Is Famous For Its Delicious Food and world-class accommodations.


Mishkaki is a delicious food of Zanzibar, which can be found anywhere in the streets more essentially in small villages and stone towns, It’s a BBQ recipe. The recipe is made out of various types of meat like Cow, chicken, liver, or more rarely fish marinated in various spices. This is another must-try dish of Zanzibar we recommend to try once.


A well-known dish in Zanzibar, Vitumbua is one of the most appreciated dishes among the locals. The dish is normally prepared with rice flour, plain flour, sugar, yeast, cardamom, and coconut powder. It is mostly served warm with tea.

While going for your Zanzibar Beach Holidays make sure to have these with a cup of special Zanzibar tea.

Zanzibar Biryani & Pilau

Believed to be originated in the Indian subcontinent Biriyani & Pilau are rice dishes that are cooked with many spices. Mostly the spices used in the dish are nutmeg, cloves, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, and coriander. The only difference between the 2 dishes is Biriyani is cooked with meat while Pilau is made with spices and veggies. Stone Town is the best place in Tanzania to enjoy Biriyani & Pilau.

Coconut Bean Soup

Coconut Bean Soup is a creamy, spicy, and delicious soup served as the main course in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Using fresh cuisines like Cornmeal, millet, rice, cassava, plantains, goat, yogurt, beans, fish, and coconut the soup is one of the most popular soups of Zanzibar. The texture and taste of this soup mostly resemble Bahia soups and stew which is a common dish on the Brazilian coast.


Urjo is a soup and the more popular food known as ‘‘Zanzibar Mix’’. It is a quite popular dish in Tanzania and Zanzibar regions. The dish can be found in the streets of Zanzibar easily. Originated from Indian recipes Urjo is a rich mashup of flavorful and spicy ingredients offering a delicious taste. The main ingredients of the soup are Bhajias, Mashed Potatoes, Red, grated raw mango, chilly, garlic, and Coconut Chutneys.

Don’t forget to take a few sips of this delicious soup served hot anywhere in the streets of Zanzibar.

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