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Zanzibar offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa (and, dare I say, the globe!). With white sandy beaches, the hakuna matata mantra in the air, and gorgeous turquoise waters, it’s a no-brainer to see them all, and believe me, Zanzibar has a lot of beaches! In addition to seeing the beaches, you should also visit their communities, which are as beautiful.

Nungwi beach

Nungwi Beach is situated at the north-western tip of Zanzibar. It has some of the whitest powdery and pristine sand on the island as well as the bluest of waters. The village is also a pure joy to explore, with its laid-back and open vibe.

The water temperature here is warm all year around, the tides are usually quite low and the sunsets are divine! For these reasons, Nungwi Beach is the perfect place for swimming, beach walks, and lounging about in the sun.

Paje beach

Paje Beach is on the east coast of Zanzibar and is especially popular with tourists and backpackers. The beach is a mecca for water sports enthusiasts as it has a variety of water sports on offer such as wind and kite surfing. Though it seems like there’s a lot going on, just like all the other beaches in Zanzibar it’s still an amazing spot for relaxation and catching the sun’s rays.

Kendwa beach

Kendwa Beach is most famous for its full moon parties at Kendwa Rocks thus making it even more popular with the younger generation. But not to worry if you’re not a party animal. The beach itself is just as thrilling and perfect for a spot of relaxation. The many resorts and restaurants dotted on the beach have something for everyone’s tastes so be sure to explore it!

Pongwe beach

Pongwe Beach is a beautiful beach on the east coast of the island and offers a little more seclusion as it’s lesser known or “popular” than the other beaches. It really is a perfect place to relax and enjoy being in the moment.

Be aware due to the fact there are a lot fewer tourists who flock here, the best places to get food are mostly in the hotels as there are fewer restaurants.

Bwejuu beach

Bwejuu Beach is a less well-known/popular beach with a similar vibe to Pongwe Beach. So, if you want to go somewhere with little to no people, this beach is ideal! The water here has a little more seaweed than other areas, but it’s just as gorgeous.

Jambiani beach

Jambiani Beach, like the two above, has a similar vibe; it’s calm and has a vibrant town life, so there’s always something to do. Because it’s not far from Paje Beach, you could spend the day beach hopping between the two (if you have the time!).

Matemwe beach

Matemwe Beach is another of the island’s largest beaches. It provides the ideal hideaway with its array of palms and gentle sand. You may schedule a tour/boat to Mnemba Island here, so plan your day accordingly for an exciting and exhilarating coastal trip!



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