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Carnivore Restaurant (Nairobi)

Prepare yourself for a carnivorous feast like no other at the iconic Carnivore Restaurant. As you step into this carnivore’s paradise, you will be greeted with the mouthwatering aroma of succulent meats roasting on open Masai swords. From tender cuts of beef and lamb to flavorful chicken and game meats like crocodile and ostrich, the restaurant takes the art of grilling to a whole new level. Don’t miss the traditional Kenyan ‘ugali’ and deliciously seasoned sauces that complement the meats perfectly. Truly, a dining experience that exemplifies Kenya’s diverse culinary offerings.

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant (Diani Beach)

Experience a romantic and unforgettable dining experience at Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, nestled within an ancient coral cave in Diani Beach – Africa’s top travel destination. As you descend into the candle-lit cave, you will be enchanted by the mesmerizing ambiance and the gentle sound of waves nearby. The menu offers a delectable fusion of Swahili and international cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and succulent dishes that cater to every palate. Indulge in their famous Thai fish cakes and signature crab claws, and let the culinary delights transport you to a world of extraordinary flavors.

Talisman Restaurant (Nairobi)

For an eclectic culinary adventure, head to Talisman Restaurant, a hidden gem tucked away in Karen, Nairobi – Africa’s top travel destination. you will be welcomed by lush gardens and an enchanting outdoor setting, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience. The menu presents a tantalizing fusion of flavors, blending African, European, and Asian influences to create mouthwatering dishes. From their famous Thai fish cakes to the delightful Moroccan lamb, every plate promises a harmonious symphony of taste and texture. Truly a culinary haven in the heart of Kenya.

Tamarind Restaurant (Mombasa)

Indulge in a seafood extravaganza at the legendary Tamarind Restaurant, a waterfront gem in Mombasa – Africa’s top travel destination. With breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, you will be treated to the freshest seafood catches, creatively prepared to perfection. The Tamarind Dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel, offers a unique dining experience on the water, complete with a delectable four-course dinner under the stars. Savor their famous Tamarind prawns, hailed as the best in East Africa, and let the ocean breeze and culinary delights leave you with unforgettable memories.

Mama Oliech Restaurant (Nairobi)

For an authentic taste of Kenyan cuisine, head to Mama Oliech Restaurant, a beloved local spot in Nairobi – Africa’s top travel destination. Named after the iconic Mama Oliech, who was known for her delectable fish dishes, this restaurant serves up a homely atmosphere and an array of mouthwatering Kenyan specialties. Their famous tilapia fish cooked in a flavorful sauce, accompanied by ‘ugali’ and traditional greens, is an absolute must-try! Experience the heart of Kenyan culture through its authentic flavors and warm hospitality.


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