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Looking for a travel guide to Kenya? Want some Kenya travel tips to help you navigate safaris, bustling cities, and several different languages? Me, too! our expat team was able to share the best Kenya travel advice – where to go, what to do, and how to do it all cheaply, safely, and respectfully.

Giraffe Manor (Nairobi)

Immerse yourself in a fairytale experience at Giraffe Manor, a charming boutique hotel that offers the unique opportunity to dine with graceful giraffes. These gentle giants may pop their long necks into your breakfast window, creating unforgettable moments. The colonial-style mansion and elegant suites ensure a luxurious stay with a touch of whimsy.

Governors’ Camp (Maasai Mara)

Enjoy the classic safari experience at Governors’ Camp, nestled along the banks of the Mara River. The camp’s spacious tents offer breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness, and you can enjoy game drives with experienced guides, hot air balloon safaris, and insightful visits to a Maasai village.

Elsa’s Kopje (Meru National Park)

Embark on a safari in style at Elsa’s Kopje, an award-winning safari lodge named after Elsa the lioness from the book “Born Free.” Perched on a rocky hill, the lodge offers sweeping views of Meru National Park and luxurious cottages with private verandas. You can explore the park’s diverse landscapes, spot rhinos at the Rhino Sanctuary, and enjoy guided bushwalks.

Saruni Samburu (Samburu National Reserve)

Experience luxury and exclusivity at Saruni Samburu, an intimate lodge set atop a spectacular viewpoint in Samburu National Reserve. The lodge’s elegant villas offer panoramic views, and you can enjoy guided bushwalks, game drives, and cultural interactions with the local Samburu community.

Elewana AfroChic Diani Beach (Diani Beach)

Unwind in beachfront luxury at Elewana AfroChic Diani Beach, a boutique hotel that embodies coastal elegance. The tranquil ambiance and personalized service create a perfect retreat after your coastal adventures. You can also enjoy a private beach dinner under the stars for a romantic experience.


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