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A Handy Guide for Exploring the Seychelles Islands




Dreaming of a vacation in the Seychelles? Here’s your go-to manual for a fantastic trip.


Tucked away in the Indian Ocean, to the east of Kenya and north of Madagascar, lies a stunning archipelago of 115 islands. Early British adventurers were so mesmerized by its beauty that they likened it to the Garden of Eden. While Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama caught sight of the Seychelles Islands in 1502, little was known about them before then.


Despite its remote location, the Seychelles Islands beckon travelers seeking the ultimate romantic getaway— even royals like Kate Middleton and Prince William chose it for their post-wedding escape. These islands offer a serene and secluded haven like no other.


But there’s more to the Seychelles than just breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear waters. Beyond the natural wonders and wildlife, the main island of Mahé, home to the capital Victoria, boasts charming French and British architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries. And let’s not forget the mouthwatering seafood, luxurious resorts, and the unparalleled beauty of North Island.


Before you embark on your journey, consider this comprehensive guide to planning your perfect Seychelles getaway.


Before You Go

Since the opening of Seychelles International Airport in 1971, tourism has flourished, making it the leading industry in the Seychelles Islands. While US passport holders can stay for up to 90 days without a visa and receive a visitor permit upon arrival, make sure to have proof of return transportation, accommodation details, and enough funds for your trip.


What to Pack

With a tropical rainforest climate and high humidity, bring plenty of swimwear, loose clothing, and sandals, as you’ll likely spend most of your time on the beach. Sturdy boots are also handy for hiking, a popular activity. Keep in mind that the rainy season falls between December and February.


What to See



The beaches are the star attractions here, and many of them remain pristine and uncrowded due to the Seychelles’ remote location. Anse Lazio beach on Praslin Island, known for its clear blue waters and native takamaka trees, is particularly famous.


Away from the shore, visit the Vallée de Mai Nature Preserve on Praslin, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore this lush green jungle, home to unique plant and animal species, including the Seychelles black parrot found nowhere else on Earth.


On the nearby island of La Digue, don’t miss Anse Source d’Argent beach, with its stunning granite boulders framing the shoreline. If you fancy a break from the beach, Victoria, the capital city on Mahé, offers remarkable architecture, vibrant markets, museums, and a lively nightlife scene.


Where to Stay

While there are budget-friendly options, the Seychelles Islands boast plenty of luxurious resorts. If you’re up for splurging, consider Six Senses Zil Pasyon on Félicité Island, where all 30 villas face the ocean and feature private plunge pools. Another top pick is the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles on Petite Anse, renowned for its exquisite bathtub with a view.


What to Know

The Seychelles Islands were uninhabited until the French began colonizing them in 1768. Over time, control shifted between the British and French until the islands gained independence from the UK in 1976.


Today, the country is incredibly multicultural, with most Seychellois tracing their ancestry back to early French settlers and later arrivals from East Africa. There’s also a significant influence from South Indian and Chinese cultures, especially evident in the island’s cuisine, which celebrates seafood and blends various culinary traditions.


How to Get There



Located about 300 miles off mainland Africa, the best way to reach the Seychelles Islands is by plane. Most connecting flights originate from Doha, Dubai, or Nairobi, and travel between the islands is typically by small planes or helicopters. Ferry services between the main islands of Mahé, La Digue, and Praslin are available through TravelInn Bookings.

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