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A Guide for Nigerians Traveling to the UK on a Tourist Visa

Traveling to the United Kingdom on a tourist visa is an exciting opportunity to explore historic landmarks, vibrant cities, and picturesque landscapes. Whether you’re drawn to the bustling streets of London, the scenic beauty of the Lake District, or the cultural charm of Edinburgh, the UK offers a wealth of experiences for Nigerian travelers. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip, here’s a guide for Nigerians traveling to the UK on a tourist visa:

Visa and VFS  fees inclusive is

410,000 NGN for Six month’s Visa

1,088,000 NGN for 2 Years Visa

2,070,000 NGN for 5 Years Visa

2,700,000 NGN for 10 Years Visa

You can also add/choose from any of the additional prices below if you wish to

Processing takes a minimum of ranges from 1 – 5 weeks after submission. (based on whether you use a fast-track service or not)

Submission Now Available In:
Lagos (Mainland and Island)
Enugu and
Port Harcourt

Requirement For Tourist Visa;

· Fully completed application forms(See attached)

· International passport not less than 6 months validity.

· Letter of invitation for business or visit

· Self Letter of introduction

. Company letter of introduction

· Applicants’ Six months’ recent bank statement

. Sponsorship letter, bank statement, proof of employment of sponsor (if sponsored)

. CAC documents of the company if sponsored by a company.

· Utility bills, proof of employment, Attested copy of residence card and passport page of person ( If invited by an individual)

· Host bank statement (if invited)

· Tax clearance certificate (optional)

. 6 months payslip

.Employment letter

. Work ID Card

. All previous international passports & visa pages.

. Marriage and Children’s birth certificate.

Other documents may be required based on the peculiarity of your application.

Optional Services You Can Choose From

1-week fast track visa = N1,540,000

2 days fast track visa = N3,080,000

Hold Your passport while your UK visa is in process = N85,000

Attend UK Appointment at my own time of the scheduled day = N217,000

Courier return – N14,000 per person

Premium Lounge – 150,000(Mandatory to secure an appointment)

If submission is to be done at Victoria Island – an additional N250,000 as a service charge will be made per person.

Speak With Our Experts TO Make an Application for any Visa type.

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