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France continues to be one of the preferred destinations for Kuwaiti travelers, as stated by Claire Le Flécher, the French Ambassador to Kuwait. Last year, approximately 42,000 visa applications were received by France’s consular section.

She highlighted the enduring friendship between these two countries, mentioning the notable number of Kuwaiti travelers choosing France as one of their favorite destinations for their holidays.

Flécher recalled that France will be hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024, emphasizing that during this event, France will see a notable increase on a global scale.

In addition, she advised people to apply earlier after waiting times increase and also to avoid potential difficulties in the visa application process.

A visa application can be submitted up to 6 months before the scheduled trip. The applicant must apply first on the France Visas website and then make an appointment on the website of our service provider, Capago.

French Ambassador to Kuwait, Claire Le Flécher
The French Ambassador to Kuwait said that applicants must take into account that about six weeks are needed for visa issuance, which is additional to the waiting time before the appointment, which can reach three weeks, depending on the period.

Progress in Schengen Visa Applications

In March this year, Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Al-Yahya said that progress has been made regarding the Schengen visa for citizens of Kuwaiti. According to the Minister, either an exemption will be provided or a solution similar to the arrangement with the United Kingdom will be pursued, which would entail a long-term online visa for five years.

Minister Abdullah Al-Yahya considered such an agreement very important for the country’s citizens who are subject to the visa process when planning to travel to the bloc.

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